Film Sealer

Semi-automatic Pcr Plate Film Sealer

The semi-automatic thermal sealer prevents sample loss and space cross infection while testing microplates by sealing with heat sealing films

Real time display: Real time temperature display to allow monitoring of heating process

Saving: When idle, unit automatically switches to standby mode: heating element temperature reduces to 60°C to save energy

Customized: Adapters are easy to replace and can be customized according to experimental requirements

Flexible: Adjustable parameters with the rolling times (1-9999) and rolling pressure (1-3)

  • Touch screen

  • Semi-Automatic

  • Good for PCR reaction plate without skirt, half skirt, full skirt, Elisa plate

  • Easy for operation, flexible to set software  parameters and rolling value

  • Rolling frequency can be moderated

  • Applied in conventional PCR and fluorescence

  • AC 220V/50HZ

Additional Information

Sealing   Temperature Range80 °C to 300 °C, (increments of1.0°C)
Temperature Accuracy±1°C
Sealing Time Range1 ~ 10 sec. (increments of 0.1 sec)
Compatible Plate MaterialsPP(Polypropylene)/PS(Polystyrene)/PE (Polyethylene)
Compatible Plate TypesStandard Micro plate Plates: PCR plate (skirted, semi-skirted,   non-skirted), Deep-Well storage, Plates, Elisa Plates.
Front Panel Material:Fireproof ABS
VoltageAC220V, 50Hz
Maximum Power:700W
Dimension (W×D×H)W.200×D.380×H.300mm

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