Mag-rod Comb

8 Strips Mag-rod Sleeve Comb

· Magnetic rod sleeve/comb work with weel deep plate, protect the separation of magnetic rod and liquid in the process of nucleic acid extraction experiment, help to keep long service life of magnetic rod.  

· By moving the magnetic rod sleeve/comb up and down, the sample can be mixed evenly, cracked, combined, washed and elute in the corresponding magnetic bead reagent.  

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100,000 class dust-free purification workshop to promise excellent quality.

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Art. No.Product NamePacking Details
01051558-strips mag-rod sleeve/comb,for Ascend / Tianlong machine180pcs/box,4boxes/CTN,720pcs/CTN
01051248-strips mag-rod sleeve/comb,for Tiangen/Bio Perfectus180pcs/box,4boxes/CTN,720pcs/CTN
01051438-strips mag-rod sleeve/comb,for Bioer180pcs/box,4boxes/CTN,720pcs/CTN
020404896-strips mag-rod sleeve/comb,for Thermo 100pcs/CTN
010513796-strips mag-rod sleeve/comb,for Ascend HERO 96240pcs/CTN
0105171Single row mag-rod sleeve/comb,for Tian Long rotatable mag-rod comb8pcs/bag,50bag/box,9boxes/CTN
010519396-strips mag-rod sleeve/comb with holder,for Bioer2pcs/bag  72bag/CTN
01050078-strips mag-rod sleeve/comb,for Da An 32 "V"bottom180pcs/boxes,4boxes/CTN,720pcs/CTN
01051998-strips mag-rod sleeve/comb,for Biobase fishgig mag-rod comb180pcs/boxes,4boxes/CTN,720pcs/CTN
020408912-strips mag-rod sleeve/comb,for Liferiver 24/3620pcs/bag,50bag/CTN,1000pcs

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