Introduce of PCR kit

When performing real-time PCR, the success of an experiment depends on many key factors, including enhanced specificity, sensitivity, speed, ease of use, and process safety. In addition, there is often pressure to preserve samples, increase throughput, and use internal controls to obtain reliable results. Our real-time PCR kits help you overcome these challenges and demonstrate high specificity. 

The advantage of our PCR kits

Our real-time PCR kits also allow reliable quantification of up to 5 gDNA or cDNA targets in a single tube by multiplex real-time PCR or two-step RT-PCR. In addition, we have overcome the need to optimize reaction conditions by simply adding primers and DNA template to a ready-to-use PCR master mix and the reaction is ready to go. Follow the protocols in the manual for cDNA gene expression analysis or gDNA quantification on most real-time cyclers for fast and reliable results.