Sample Release Reagent

Nucleic Acid Releaser

Product Name: Nucleic Acid Releaser,Sample Release Reagent

Specification: 1.5ml/2ml/bottle or as client`s requirement.

Intended Use:

This product is used for the pre-treatment of samples to be tested, to enable the nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) in the sample to release quickly. It facilitates the use of in vitro diagnostic reagents or instruments to test analytes.

Product Features:

  • Simple operation and short time-consuming, one-step and extraction-free.

  • Lysed at room temperature, can effectively maintain the integrity of nucleic acid, and the supernatant can be directly used for amplification.

  • No toxic and harmful reagent, safe and Eco-friendly.

  • Transportation and storage at room temperature

Test Principle of Nucleic Acid Releaser/Sample Release Regent:

This product causes a sample to release nucleic acid by lysing the sample, and protects the stability and integrity of the nucleic acid in the sample, realizing the two functions of sample collection and nucleic acid extraction. The nucleic acid released directly from the sample can be used as a PCR template, and the components in the nucleic acid releaser themselves do not affect the subsequent nucleic acid analysis and do not inhibit the PCR reaction.

Scope of Applicable Samples:

Serum, bacteria fluid, saliva, oral swab, nasopharyngeal swab, etc.

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