Pipette Tips

Filtered Pipette Tip

  • Material: Pure polypropylene - no clarifiers or processing additives

  • Compatibility: Universal fit pipettor

  • Free of detectable RNase, DNase, DNA, and pyrogens

  • Free of PCR inhibitor additives, reliable tip fit and tightness

  • Easy to eject tip for ergonomic working conditions

  • Filter layer provide dual protection against aerosols and biomolecules to guard your pipette and sample

  • Protection of your pipette from aggressive liquids when over-aspiration occurs

  • Each package has an independent article number and batch number identification for quality tracking and traceability.

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      Filtered Pipette Tip

Geneture Filtered Pipette tips with the corresponding product numbers are for general laboratory use and have been designed and constructed for low-contamination transfer of liquids.

All Pipette Tips are manufactured under strict conditions and all components are required to pass multiple quality control procedures. Besides, they are tested for liquid delivery and complete and easy sealing. Tips are examined under magnification for coaxiality, flash-free edges, complete formation, and the absence of imperfections such as scratches. Tips are also tested and certified to be free of any detectable RNase, DNase, DNA, or pyrogens.



The pipette tips are for single use only.

Check the chemical resistance before using organic solvents or aggressive chemicals.

Remove the packaging before autoclaving. Pipette tips, racks and reloads are damaged and deformed if they are autoclaved in the packaging.

Do not use any additional disinfectants before autoclaving the boxes and racks

Additional Information

MaterialPure polypropylene
ColorClear, Blue, Yellow
For use with(equipment)Universal Fit
Tip StyleUniversal Fit

Product list 

Cat.No.Product NamePacking Details
0204022Filtered Pipette Tips,10μL, Clear1000pcs/bag,20bags/CTN
0204113Filtered Pipette Tips,0.5-10μL ,Clear,Extended 1000pcs/bag,20bags/CTN
0204114Filtered Pipette Tips,20μL, Yellow1000pcs/bag,20bags/CTN
0204115Filtered Pipette Tips,50μL, Yellow1000pcs/bag,20bags/CTN
0204116Filtered Pipette Tips,100μL, Yellow1000pcs/bag,20bags/CTN


Filtered Pipette Tips,200μL(1-150μL), Yellow1000pcs/bag,20bags/CTN
0204117Filtered Pipette Tips,200μL(1-200μL), Clear1000pcs/bag,20bags/CTN
0204118Filtered Pipette Tips,300μL(1-300μL), Clear1000pcs/bag,20bags/CTN
0204024Filtered Pipette Tips,1000μL, Blue1000pcs/bag,5bags/CTN
0204119Filtered Pipette Tips,1250μL, Blue1000pcs/bag,5bags/CTN
0204025Filtered Pipette Tips,10μL,Clear, Sterilized96pcs/box,50boxes/CTN
0204120Filtered Pipette Tips,0.5-10μL,Clear, Sterilized,Extended96pcs/box,50boxes/CTN
0204121Filtered Pipette Tips,20μL, Yellow, Sterilized96pcs/box,50boxes/CTN
0204122Filtered Pipette Tips,50μL, Yellow, Sterilized96pcs/box,50boxes/CTN
0204123Filtered Pipette Tips,100μL, Yellow, Sterilized96pcs/box,50boxes/CTN
0204124Filtered Pipette Tips,200μL(1-150μL), Yellow, Sterilized96pcs/box,50boxes/CTN
0204126Filtered Pipette Tips,200μL(1-200μL), Clear, Sterilized96pcs/box,50boxes/CTN
0204125Filtered Pipette Tips,300μL(1-300μL), Clear, Sterilized96pcs/box,50boxes/CTN
0204126Filtered Pipette Tips,500μL, Blue, Sterilized96pcs/box,50boxes/CTN
0204027Filtered Pipette Tips,1000μL, Blue, Sterilized96pcs/box,50boxes/CTN
0204127Filtered Pipette Tips,1250μL, Blue, Sterilized96pcs/box,50boxes/CTN

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