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PCR Tubes Strips

PCR tube strips are commonly used consumables in biological experiments, and their main function is to provide containers for a polymerase chain reaction. 



Operational Temperature:

-86 °C to +105 °C


121 °C, 20 min, not closed.

Storage Conditions:

Store in room temperature

Shelf Life:

18 months after manufacture

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What are PCR Tube Strips?

PCR tube strips for DNA extraction, PCR, qPCR and other molecular biology applications. The standard volume is 0.2 mL. A common PCR tube consists of a tube body and a cover body, the tube body and the cover body are connected together, and the cover body has a hollow cylindrical protrusion.

Their small size reduces the use of expensive reagents and allows for fast and efficient heating and cooling in thermal cyclers. PCR tube straps and cap straps are designed for single use in PCR applications. This product can be used in training, routine and research laboratories in the life sciences, industry or chemistry. This product is for research purposes only.

Features of PCR tube strips:

Geneture PCR tube strips use imported plastic materials in original packaging, with no thermal decomposition, no endotoxin;

There are directional holes, easy to identify the direction;

Suitable for most automated experimental instruments;

The convex edge design of the tapered tube effectively ensures the sealing and prevents cross-contamination;

Applications of PCR tube strips:

Geneture PCR tube strips are manufactured to the highest quality standards. The simple design ensures an airtight seal to prevent contamination and evaporation, while also opening and closing easily with one hand. The thin polypropylene walls of the tubes ensure efficient and uniform heat transfer for fast and high-quality PCR results.

Advantages of Geneture PCR Strips:

If you use Geneture PCR tube strips, you can get results with confidence as their "PCR clean" guarantee. This means these tubes are certified free of a range of common PCR contaminants, including DNA, DNase, RNase, and PCR inhibitors.

Thin and uniform tube wall and product uniformity rely on the best precision mold to achieve;

No DNase and RNase, no DNA and RNA;

Using the best materials and high-tech processing technology, the light loss of the flat cover is low, which is suitable for fluorescence quantitative PCR;

The thin and uniform tube wall provides a good heat conduction effect, which promotes the amplification of the sample;

Geneture PCR tube strips are made of medical-grade polypropylene (pp) raw materials, strict incoming inspection, stable chemical properties, strong chemical corrosion resistance, and are not easy to deform after high temperature and high-pressure sterilization.

Precautions for using PCR tube strips:

Do not use damaged pipes and sheets;

Do not fill pipes and plates exceeding the allowable total volume;

Use only by skilled personnel;

For research purposes only.

Supplier of PCR tube strips:

GENETURE is a group company focus on the field of clinical diagnosis and life sciences,provide one stop solution of Nucleic Acid Extraction and Analysis,including solution of COVID-19. Our main products including Nucleic acid extraction kit,Nucleic acid extractor,Magnetic beads,PCR kit, PCR system, etc.

If you have any requirements or questions about PCR tube strips, please feel free to contact us.

Additional Information

  • Technical date

    Operational Temperature
    -86 °C to +105 °C
    121 °C, 20 min, not closed.
    Centrifugal Ability
    Suitable for centrifugation at up to 10 000 x g im 45° fixed-angle rotor
    Storage ConditionsStore in room temperature
    Shelf Life18 months after manufacture

  • Product list and Packing details of PCR tubes

Art. No.                          Product NamePacking Details
02042000.2ml PCR single tube,transparent1000pcs/bag,10bag/CTN
0204201Style A (general) 0.2ml PCR  8-trips tube+flat cap,transparent125pcs/bag,10bags/CTN
0204202Style A (general) 0.2ml PCR  8-trips tube+flat cap,white125pcs/bag,10bags/CTN
0204203Style A (general) 0.1ml PCR  8-trips tube+flat cap,transparent125pcs/bag,10bags/CTN
0204204 Style A (general) 0.1ml PCR  8-trips tube+flat cap,white125pcs/bag,10bags/CTN
0204050Style B(extended)0.2ml PCR  8-trips tube+flat cap,transparent125pcs/bag,10bags/CTN
0204205Style B(extended)0.1ml PCR  8-trips tube+flat cap,transparent125pcs/bag,10bags/CTN
0204206Style B(extended)0.1ml PCR  8-trips tube+flat cap,white125pcs/bag,10bags/CTN

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