Real-time PCR System

96 Channel Real Time PCR System

This instrument is based on the real-time fluorescence PCR detection principle, used together with the matching detection reagent, and is clinically used for qualitative and quantitative detection of target nucleic acids (DNA/RNA) in samples.

Product Features

  • Precision,Simple,High throughput and High efficiency;

  • Real-time and end-point quantification, classic PCR;  

  • Advanced system,reliable and sensitive.

  • 12 columns of temperature gradient span 20℃;  

  • Linear dynamic range of sample concentration up to 10 orders of magnitude;  

  • Rapid data collection;  

  • 96 sample Wells were detected at the same time;  

  • Ability to repeatedly analyze data;  

  • Software intuitive, friendly interface, quick setting and data display results. 

Additional Information

Basic Performance
Dimensions430×320×220 mm
Sample capacity96 wells
Sample Size96×0.2mL
Sample Volume20120uL
Consumables0.2mL PCR tubes, 8 tube strips
Operation ModeControl through connection to PC software.
Normal Operating Conditions
Power Supply220V50Hz
Ambient Temp1735
Relative Humidity10%85%
Atmospheric Pressure85.0kPa106.0kPa
Storage Condition
Storage Temperature-2055
Relative Humidity≤85%
Performance specifications of the temperature control system
Heating/CoolingSemiconductor mode
Number of temperature control zones6 independent temperature control modules, 6 different renaturation temperature experiments can be performed simultaneously
Temperature control modeVariable temperature metal block
Temperature control range499
Average rate of heating≥1.5/s
Maximum rate of heating≥2.5/s
Average cooling rate≥1.5/s
Maximum cooling rate≥2.0/s
Module temperature control accuracy≤0.5
Temperature accuracy≤0.5
Module temperature uniformity≤±1
Temperature duration accuracy≤±5%
Fluorescence detection system
Wavelength range of excitation light380-780nm
Excitation wavelength460nm~480nm525nm~545nm570nm~595nm600nm~620nm
Detection of optical wavelength505nm~525nm555nm~575nm600nm~620nm660nm~680nm
Light SourceLed
DetectorHigh sensitivity photodiode
Excitation and detection of propagation mediaHigh temperature professional optical fiber
Repeatability of fluorescence intensity detectionCV≤3%
Precision of fluorescence intensity detectionCV≤5%
Sample test repeatabilityCV≤3%
Samples of the linearAbsolute value of R ≥0.990.
Fluorescent linearAbsolute value of R ≥0.990.

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