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The 96-well PCR plate is made of imported medical grade polypropylene (PP). It is suitable for repeated high and low temperature settings in the PCR reaction process, and can be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure.

Model Specifications:







Polypropylene (PP),100% Virgin

Shelf Life:

18 months after manufacture

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What is a PCR plate?

In the polymerase chain reaction (Polymerase Chain Reaction, PCR), PCR plate is mainly used as the carrier of primers, Taq DNA polymerase, dNTP, template nucleic acid, Mg, buffer, etc. involved in the amplification reaction.

The plate type conforms to the SBS international standard, and in order to adapt to the PCR instruments of different manufacturers, according to the skirt design, it can be divided into four design modes: no skirt, half skirt, raised skirt and full skirt.

Geneture PCR Plates are available in different versions: from semi-skirted optimized for automation and barcoding to non-skirted optimized for many different cyclers.

Features of PCR Plates

Its own material is mainly polypropylene (PP) today, which can better adapt to repeated high and low temperature settings in the PCR reaction process, and can realize high temperature and high pressure sterilization.

Available in clear and white, white is more suitable for novel real-time PCR.

Free of detectable human DNA, DNase, RNase and PCR inhibitors;

Autoclave (121°C, 20 minutes);

Improve wellhead sealing ring, effectively seal, reduce the risk of cross-contamination;

Made of medical PP and primary polypropylene;

International standard size (SBS), suitable for automated workstations;

Class 100000 clean room.

Applications of PCR Plates

PCR plates are widely used in genetics, biochemistry, immunity, medicine and other fields, not only for basic research such as gene isolation, cloning and nucleic acid sequence analysis, but also for disease diagnosis or any place with DNA and RNA. It is a one-time laboratory Consumables.

Precautions for the use of PCR plates:

Do not use damaged tubes and plates.

Do not fill the slab beyond the allowable total volume

intended for research purposes

Supplier of PCR Plates:

GENETURE is a group company focus on the field of clinical diagnosis and life sciences,provide one stop solution of Nucleic Acid Extraction and Analysis,including solution of COVID-19. Our main products including Nucleic acid extraction kit,Nucleic acid extractor,Magnetic beads,PCR kit, PCR system, etc.

If you have any requirements or questions about PCR Plates, please feel free to contact us.

Additional Information

MaterialPolypropylene (PP),100% Virgin
SkirtSemi-skirted, non-skirted
LetteringHigh contrast labelling of alphanumeric grid
Cut CornerH1
Autoclavability121 °C,20 min
Storage ConditionsStore in room temperature
Shelf Life18 months after manufacture

  • Product list and Packing details of PCR tube

    Cat. No.           Specification Packing Details
    020403696 well, semi-skirted, 0.2ml, Clear10pcs/bag,5bags/CTN
    020403896 well, non-skirted, 0.2ml, Clear10pcs/bag,5bags/CTN
    020420796 well, non-skirted, 0.2ml, White10pcs/bag,5bags/CTN
    020420896 well, non-skirted, 0.1ml, Clear10pcs/bag,5bags/CTN
    020420996 well, non-skirted, 0.1ml, White10pcs/bag,5bags/CTN
    020421096 well, semi-skirted, 0.2ml, Clear, black text10pcs/bag,5bags/CTN
    020421196 well, non-skirted, 0.2ml, Clear, black text10pcs/bag,5bags/CTN
    020403496 well, semi-skirted, 0.1ml, Clear (Roche)10pcs/bag,5bags/CTN
    020403596 well, semi-skirted, 0.1ml, White (Roche)10pcs/bag,5bags/CTN
    020403296 well, semi-skirted, 0.1ml, Clear (ABI)10pcs/bag,5bags/CTN
    020403396 well, semi-skirted, 0.2ml, Clear (ABI)10pcs/bag,5bags/CTN
    0204212Plate sealer, Clear100pcs/box

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