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2.2ml 96 Deep Well Plate U Bottom Without Skirt

96 well deep well plate is made of high quality medical grade PP and suitable for automatic nucleic acid extraction.

Packing specification:24pcs/bag, 4bags/96pcs/ctn

Compatible Nucleic Acid Extractor:Thermo Kingfisher Flex, Bio Teke, Zybio, Beijing Lepu, BIOBASE, ZhongkeBio and so on..

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      96-well deep plate,U Bottom,without skirt plate

Product Informations:

Product Name96 well deep plates U bottom
ColorWhite, light cyan-blue, translucent
Well shapeSquare well
Bottom shape
U shape, V shape is also available
Well number96-well DNA/RNA plate extraction
Well IdentifierAlphabetical / figure sorting
Plate L X W126mm X 86mm
Sealing methodHeat sealable film
Package24pcs/bag, 4bags/96pcs/ctn
TransportFedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS, air or sea ship
CertificateISO9001, ISO13485, CE, FDA

* 96 Well Deep Well Plate without skirt is designed with round bottom 96 well deep plate, U bottom 96 well deep plate and V bottom well deep plate to meet the different requirements of customers,the material is medical grade polypropylene, which is better to resist chemical corrosion.

* 96 well deep plates are ideal for sample collection, storage, preservation and combinatorial chemistry library applications.

* Polypropylene construction offers a low binding surface to prevent samples from sticking to the side walls during elution, and is chemically inert for combinatorial chemistry applications.

Product features of 2.2 ml 96 Deep Well Plate:

  1. Material: Medical grade virgin polypropylene,safe and stable.

  2. Color: Clear/Transparent,easy to observe.

  3. Alphabetical sorting and corner-cutting marks make the storage and collection of samples more convenient and faster;

  4. Temperature range: -80°C to 130°C.

  5. Autoclavable.

  6. Suitable for multi-channel pipettor and automation systems;

  7. Adapted customers: Hospitals,PCR laboratory,Disease control centers, third-party testing institutions, scientific research institutes,pharmaceutical factories, reagent manufacturers...

Additional Information

Additional Information

Product List and packing details of 96 well deep plate:

Art. No.                Product Name            Packing Details
02040472.2ml deep well 96 plate without skirt “V” bottom,for Thermo Kingfisher flex 96.24pcs/bag,4bags/CTN,96pcs/CTN
01051972.2ml deep well 96 plate without skirt “V” bottom,for Bioer24pcs/bag,4bags/CTN,96pcs/CTN
01050062.2ml deep well 96 plate without skirt “V” bottom,for Da An24pcs/bag,4bags/CTN,96pcs/CTN
01051982.2ml deep well 96 plate without skirt “V” bottom(green white),for Thermo/Da An24pcs/bag,4bags/CTN,96pcs/CTN
02040852.2ml deep well 96 plate “U” bottle (white),for Ascend /Tianlong NP96824pcs/bag,4bags/CTN,96pcs/CTN
01051942.2ml deep well 96 plate “U” bottle (green white) , for Ascend /Tianlong NP96824pcs/bag,4bags/CTN,96pcs/CTN
01051072.2ml deep well 96 plate without skirt “U” botttom (white) , for Bio Perfectus / All Sheng 24pcs/bag,4bags/CTN,96pcs/CTN
01051952.2ml deep well 96 plate  without skirt “U” bottom (green white),for Bio Perfectus / All Sheng24pcs/bag,4bags/CTN,96pcs/CTN
01051962.2ml deep well 96 plate without skirt “U” bottle,for Bioteke machine24pcs/bag,4bags/CTN,96pcs/CTN
02040392.2ml single row,well 6 plate,for Ascend / Tianlong150pcs/bag,10bag/CTN,1500pcs/CTN

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