Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit

Magnetic Beads Method DNA Extraction Kit

RNA Purification Kit is designed for the rapid, high-throughput purification of RNA and DNA from a variety of samples (grinding supernatant of animal and plant tissues, whole blood, serum, plasma, cell culture supernatant, oral pharyngeal swabs, body fluids, genital secretions, bacteria and viruses, etc.), used for molecular biology experiments such as PCR/RT-PCR, Real-time PCR/Real-time RT-PCR

  • Efficient purification of DNA from small sample sizes

  • Automated purification of 1–96 samples on the AMY 96

  • Suitable for various types of sample materials

  • For professional in vitro diagnostic use only

  • CE certification

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Product Description:

Ascend DNA Kits provide nucleic acid purification from tissues, swabs, blood, body fluids or washed cells from urine,DNA purification from 1–96 samples can be automated on the AMY 96 Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction System Connect using the Magnetic Beads Method DNA Extraction Kit.DNA purified using the Kit is free of impurities, so it is suitable for use in sensitive downstream applications, especially real-time PCR.


The active functional groups which can specifically adsorb nucleic acids are modified on the surfaces of magnetic beads, so that they can bind to the target nucleic acids under specific conditions by using different lysis buffer, binding buffer and washing buffer. At the same time, the magnetic beads can be easily moved and enriched under the action of external magnetic field, so as to achieve the purpose of DNA/RNA extraction. Under this method, the purity and quality of nucleic acids can be guaranteed. Nucleic acid extraction method based on magnetic beads is a perfect combination of nanomaterials and biotechnology, and it has many advantages over other DNA/RNA extraction methods. This method does not need centrifugation and is easy to operate. Therefore, it is suitable for automatic extraction. The whole extraction process is time-saving with minimal technician involvement. At present, most nucleic acid extractors on the market use this method to realize automation. This kit is developed for scalable, rapid purification of high-quality DNA/RNA from a variety of sample matrices. DNA/RNA purified with this kit can be used in molecular biology downstream applications such as PCR and qPCR.

Additional Information



Experimental Materials:

Serum samples containing hepatitis E virus RNA (5×106, 5×104, 5×103, 5×102 copies/ml).

Sample results:

The limit of pure viral RNA can reach 5×103 copies/ml RNA; the purification and recovery efficiency of virus is about 85%.

Package Specification:

Package Details64T96T

96 well deep plate

16T/plate*4 plates

Lysis & Magnetic Beads Plate*1

Wash Plate*1/2/3

Elution Plate*1

Mag-rob Comb

8 Mag-rob Comb*1

96 Mag-rob Comb*1

Instruction1 copy1 copy
Proteinase Koptionoption

* the package specification can be different according to customers requirements.

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