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Plastic Pasteur Pipette 5ML 3ML

These Pasteur Pipettes are available in two sizes: 5 ml and 3 ml, and they are available made of polystyrene and new polypropylene

Safety: Flexible plastic instead of glass

Efficiency: Will not shatter

Save: Saves time and money

Convenience: Packaged non-sterile in re-sealable bags

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Plastic pipettes are recommended where it is important to avoid the possibility of glass fragments, Available in two sizes,3ml and 5ml. Manufactured from low density polyethylene.

Additional Information

They're clean, Chemically Inert and non-toxic for the environment.
The Way to Use:You can hold the pipette and push the top of the pipette to absorb the liquid which you want. and you can release the top of the pipette and put the liquid down on the lebes when you work with the microscope.
Material : Plastic
Color : Clear White
Measure Capacity : 3ml,5ml

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