Magnetic Separation Plate

Magnetic Separation Plate for 96 Well Plate

Magnetic Separation Plate for 96-Well Plate is specially developed to match all kinds of magnetic beads available in the market. The magnetic separation process can be completed in an average of 30 seconds, so as to achieve the purpose of rapidly separating and purifying substances such as cells, proteins or nucleic acids.

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Technical indicators:

1. Suitable for 96-well plate

2. Optimal working volume: 10-2000ul



1. Reasonable design and convenient operation

    The humanized inclination design makes the bottom of the 96-well plate just close to the magnetic frame, which is more convenient for the separation process.

2. High magnetic field strength, rapid separation

    The average magnetic separation time is 30 seconds, and the separation process is fast and efficient.

3. Small and light, durable

    Aluminum alloy material makes the magnetic frame lightweight and durable.


1. Place the combined 96-well plate containing the magnetic bead-target mixture to be separated on the magnetic stand.

2. Stand still for 15 seconds, until the magnetic beads are sucked to the wall of the centrifuge tube.

3. Carefully pour out the liquid, or use a pipette to remove the liquid.

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