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Plant Genomic DNA Extraction Kit

Plant Genomic DNA Extraction Kit uses magnetic beads to adsorb DNA to achieve the purpose of rapid purification of plant genomic DNA. The Kit  is suitable for extracting high-purity genomic DNA from 50 mg~200 mg plant samples, suitable for PCR, next-generation sequencing, gene chip and other molecular biology experiments.

This kit uses magnetic beads with a unique separation function and a buffer system to rapidly, highly sensitively and efficiently isolate and purify high-quality genomic DNA from plant samples. The plant cell membranes are destroyed with guanidine salt, surfactant and protease to release genomic DNA in the buffer system, in which specially coated magnetic beads are added. The magnetic beads have a strong affinity for the target DNA in the buffer system, and release the adsorbed DNA when the conditions change, and the washing system removes impurities such as proteins and small molecules in the solution, thus achieving the purpose of rapid separation and purification of genomic DNA without the use of toxic reagents such as chloroform.

Main components: guanidine hydrochloride, superparamagnetic beads, EDTA, tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane, and protease K


Pre-packed reagent

Lysis buffer AZ

Lysis buffer B

Stirrer set

36T/kit (pre-packed)

1T×36 strips

1 vial

1 tube

10 pcs.

20T/kit (pre-packed)


1 vial

1 tube

4 pcs.

32T/kit (pre-packed)


1 vial

1 tube

4 pcs.

64T/kit (pre-packed)


1 vial

1 tube

8 pcs.

Additional Information

Experimental example

Plant liquid nitrogen grinding legend

  • Moisture regained after grinding with liquid nitrogen, showing viscous dark green.

  • Normal state after grinding with liquid nitrogen. It is dry and light green.


    The results of electrophoresis of genomic DNA of various plant tissues extracted with the Geneture Kit. (Initial amount: 100mg leaves, 100ul elution, 3ul loading)

  • 1: Fresh young leaves of tomato

  • 2: Fresh young leaves of cotton

  • 3: Fresh young leaves of tea leaves

  • 4: Fresh and tender leaves of strawberry

  • Agarose gel concentration is 1%, 6V/cm, electrophoresis 20min M; λDNA/hind Ⅲ

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