Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit

Whole Blood Genomic DNA Extraction Kit

This kit includes a magnetic bead and buffer system with a unique separation effect, which is fast, highly sensitive, and can effectively extract DNA from samples. The virus shell is destroyed by guanidine salt, surfactant and protease to release the nucleic acid in the buffer system. After specially coated magnetic beads are added in the buffer system, they have a strong affinity to target nucleic acids therein. When conditions change, the magnetic beads will release the adsorbed nucleic acids and the washing system can remove the impurities such as protein and small molecules in the solution, thus achieving the purpose of rapid separation and purification of nucleic acid without the use of toxic reagents such as chloroform.

Whole Blood Genomic NDA Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit 50T/64T uses magnetic beads to adsorb DNA to achieve the purpose of rapid purification of whole blood genomic DNA. It is suitable for extracting high-purity genomic DNA from 150-200 µl anticoagulated whole blood samples. This buffer system can remove protein, pigment, lipid and other inhibitory impurities to the maximum extent. The extracted genomic DNA fragment is large, the yield is high, the purity is good, and it is stable and reliable.

Whole blood genome NDA nucleic acid extraction kit 50T avoids the use of organic solvents such as phenol and chloroform, and the recovered DNA can be applied to various routine operations, such as enzyme digestion, PCR, library construction, Southern hybridization and other experiments.

Main components: guanidine hydrochloride, superparamagnetic beads, EDTA, tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane, and protease K


Pre-packaged reagent

Binding buffer A

Lysis buffer B

Plastic sleeve

36T/kit (pre-packaged)

1T×36 strips

1 bottle

1 tube

10 pieces

20T/kit (pre-packaged)


1 bottle

1 tube

4 pieces

32T/kit (pre-packaged)


1 bottle

1 tube

4 pieces

64T/kit (pre-packaged)


1 bottle

1 tube

8 pieces

Additional Information


Use this kit according to the instructions to perform DNA purification on the following samples: 300ul EDTA, EDTA/NaF, heparin sodium, sodium citrate and other human anticoagulant blood, buffy coat separated from 2ml blood, 10ul chicken blood and 200ul mouse Blood, M: Ascend Marker. The elution volume is 200ul, and the agarose gel electrophoresis load is 3ul.

Experimental results: This kit shows a wide range of sample applicability, and can perform high-quality DNA purification on differently processed human anticoagulated blood and blood of different species.

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