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Conical Centrifuge Tube

Conical Centrifuge Tubes are widely used in laboratories from storage of samples to high speed centrifugation. Geneture  provides very high strength and non-toxic conical tubes to meet the demands.


Tight sealing screw cap

External graduations with marking area

Packed in zipper bags

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Centrifugation is essential for extracting proteins and nucleic acids

from microbial liquid cultures.Geneture Medical tubes can reduce centrifuging times. Matching stoppers perfectly seal the tubes, reducing the danger of contamination to rotors and entrifuges. After decanting supernatant, the pellet can easily be placed in interim storage at -20 °C for processing at a later time.


Centrifugation of bacterial cultures

Lysis of micro-organisms

Plasmid extraction from transformed bacteria

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Package for Conical Centrifuge Tube:

0204090Centrifuge tube, 0.6ml1000pcs/box,10boxes/CTN
0204028Centrifuge tube ,1.5ml500pcs/box,10boxes/CTN
0204300Centrifuge tube ,1.5ml,Irradiation resistance500pcs/box,10boxes/CTN
0204029Centrifuge tube ,2ml500pcs/box,10boxes/CTN
0204301Centrifuge tube, 2ml,Irradiation resistance500pcs/box,10boxes/CTN
0204030Sterilized Centrifuge tube with "V" bottom,15ml25pcs/bag,20bag/CTN
0204302Sterilized Centrifuge tube with "V" bottom,15ml,with frame50pcs/set,10sets/CTN
0204031Sterilized Centrifuge tube with "V" bottom,50ml25pcs/bag,20bag/CTN
0204303Sterilized Centrifuge tube with "V" bottom,50ml,with frame25pcs/set,20sets/CTN

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