The field of application of magnetic bead

The field of application of magnetic bead technology is very wide. It can be used to manipulate biological materials, including cells, nucleic acids, proteins and microorganisms. Magnetic cell separation, also known as magnetic-activated cell sorting, is done based on certain surface structures of cells, unlike common separation techniques such as filtration or centrifugation.

Magnetic beads allow easy and efficient collection of beads in a magnetic field, easy washing and removal of excess reagents and ligands after coupling ligand molecules, and use in downstream applications. After adding beads, the general workflow can be summarized in three general steps

  1. Specific binding to the desired analyte occurs; 

  2. The analyte-bound beads are captured by a magnet; 

  3. Crude sample components are washed away and the analyte is eluted from the beads.

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